In this digital age, going analog is one of the best ways to stand out from your competition. That’s where branded products come in – with their eye-catching design and high-quality materials, they help you make an impression on potential clients while also capturing the attention of your current audience! Workbooks, planners, journals, and card decks, are just the tip of the iceberg!

With our Productologie Services, we specialize in helping our clients create beautiful custom-branded physical products, to grow their business.

We’re not just another design agency. We believe in the creative potential of our clients and work closely with them to produce physical print products that are uniquely theirs—a true reflection of their taste, aesthetic sense, and expertise.

With over 20  years of experience in this industry, our expert designers know how to create custom, high-end products that will help you to attract new customers and grow your business!

What type of product should you create?

A journal, planner, a deck of cards, or something else entirely? Take our Productiologie Quiz to learn about the products best suited for your business.

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Client Kudos

LeAnna not only specializes in creating planners for people, but has a myriad of contacts and deep industry knowledge to help you decide on where to create/print, what to include, and other questions your market may be sensitive to.

— Todd Herman, Creator of The 90 Day Year and Author of The Alter Ego Effect

How We Work


Phase one includes the true building blocks of a successful project. We want to hit your milestones to bring the project to completion in a (seemingly) effortless manner. Upfront planning is a must! We review your vision and goals and strategize the design and production of your signature print product.


Next, we will make your Post-It Notes and long boring Word Docs stand out by turning them into a visually stunning signature print product. We specialize in designing premium print products that will make an impact online or on the shelves using our signature brand clarity process.


In this final phase, we will take you to the finish line by ensuring your final products have been properly created and are released to the service provider of your choice. We review proofs and make sure the project is technically complete and we will talk you through the final stages of your project.