Book Design for Self Publishing

The Lawyer’s Path to Freedom

A Seven-Step System to Grow a Law Practice You Actually Love, by Kaushik Ranchod Esq.

About the Book

Owning your own law practice isn’t easy. Learn how to be in control of your practice; rather than having it “own” you! In this book, Mr. Ranchod explores the most important strategies of the FREEDOM Law Practice Formula ™a seven-step system he created for his own law firm to get a consistent flow of high-value clients and overcome the stress and frustration of running a law firm. While Mr. Ranchod started off as a solo practitioner, he shares key strategies that have transformed his law firm to over seven figures in revenue with no debt. What if you were able to Love Your Practice?

The Requirements

  • Cover design
  • Interior layout design
  • Ebook creation
  • KDP set up assistance


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