Building a Strategic Baking Brand

Working with Tessa from Handle the Heat has been a dream! Since starting to work with her in 2017, we rebranded the Handle the Heat brand, updated her website, assisted with development tasks like updating her recipe card, to fixing what we called “google-slaps” and more. We designed and built the beta version of her course, designed and built an interactive monthly baking challenge, designed and produced an amazing cookbook, and finally…helped design and deliver a beautiful magazine. All the types of projects a designer dreams of! Take a look at some of the projects below.

Tessa came to Weller Smith Design looking to UpLevel her brand. She already had a widely successful baking blog, but in looking at her goals, she knew she wanted to refine her brand to attract higher-paying sponsors, to be seen as an influencer in her industry, and to attract more lucrative partnerships with well-known food + lifestyle brands.

Tessa on working with WSD

We just launched our new web design and branding with Weller Smith Design and couldn’t be more thrilled. My website before worked fine, but I had outgrown it. It wasn’t up to par with the goals and vision I had for the business, but I wasn’t quite sure how to take it to that next level. The Weller Smith Design team brought my vision for the brand into reality PERFECTLY. Every element of the design and execution made me feel like they were reading my mind! The work was done professionally and on time. I never had to check in constantly just to get an update on what was happening (like I’ve had to do with many other designers). LeAnna’s impressive print design background and skill set are unmatched. I would recommend Weller Smith Design to anyone looking to create a brand they feel proud of.

The Requirements

  • Uplevel the entire brand, starting with the logo
  • Stay on-brand with new styling throughout her online presence
  • Her site was already a fully-custom WordPress site, so we kept the rebrand custom as well
  • Wanted a high-end magazine look and fee

Attracting Strategic Partnerships

with a Custom Brand Sales Deck

The Requirements

  • Stay on-brand with the new brand styling
  • Design a hard-working pitch deck that is on-brand and highlights the Handle the Heat Brand in a strategic way to attract more lucrative brand partnerships
  • Organize the content in a clear and cohesive way
  • Provide inDesign files for the HTH team to update as needed

The Ultimate Cookie Handbook

Tessa Arias, Handle the Heat

The Requirements

  • Design a high-end, high-quality cookbook using the Handle the Heat brand styling
  • Obtain high-quality cookbook editorial assistance to clean up the copy and organize the book
  • Work with an overseas printer to produce a high-quality product
  • Secure book dummies, printing proofs, and arrange for product delivery
  • Find a fulfillment option for the first printing
  • Product marketing materials such as an interactive gif using QR code technology

Celebrating the book!

It was such an amazing experience to work on this project with Tessa to create The Ultimate Cookie Handbook. Tessa had published a book through a traditional publisher in the past and wanted her next book to reflect…

Fun with QR Codes

We created a fun sticker with a QR code that went on the outer package to provide some whimsy when the reader received their package. Some people missed it, and when screenshots showed up on social media, they wanted their chance to find out what they should “bake first”!

Try it out for yourself…scan the code, and take a screenshot to reveal what you should make first from the book!

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