Small Business Branding and Website

Small Biz Vantage, Maryann Croce

Small Biz Vantage is a small business owned by Maryann Croce. She came to Weller Smith Design for a full Brand Uplevel for her business. Maryann was gaining momentum in her business, but a disjointed brand was holding her back from fully sharing her services with other small businesses.

Maryann came to us when she was working on her signature system, and we talked through her needs to ensure we were a good fit. With Small Biz Vantage, Maryann takes her knowledge of building, owning, and operating her family-owned auto shop and packages it up in SBV to help other auto shop owners, and small businesses to gain clarity on the next steps to growing and organizing their business to take them to the next level.

We had a lot of fun bringing her history into her branding, and we created a unique brand palette to help her across all aspects of her brand identity from color, texture, photos, and even wardrobe!


The Requirements

  • Custom Branding
  • Website Design and Development
  • Business Cards
  • Canva Templates

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