Mel’s Kitchen Café Cookbook

After years of fans asking when she would have a cookbook and the time never feeling just right, Melanie Gunnell decided life had lined things up and her turn had arrived. Mel, of Mel’s Kitchen Cafe, approached Weller Smith Design knowing what she wanted to do, and she chose self-publishing so she could do it her way. Her favorite recipes. Fan-favorite choices. No publisher demands that she change the writing voice that fans have gotten to know in her 15-plus years of blogging. She wanted to be Mel.

Self-publishing for the freedom of doing it her way

In Mel’s Kitchen Café Cookbook, Mel pours herself into each of this book’s 336 pages. Weller Smith Design responded by creating a linen-inspired, debossed cover and filling it with matte pages that give this book a timeless, heirloom feel—right at home with Mel’s hope that this is a cookbook that readers will write in, dog-ear, and love.

Mel’s Kitchen Café Cookbook is a warm hug for the millions who have joined Mel on her unexpected food blogging journey. With more than 140 time-tested recipes, this gorgeous cookbook is made with the idea that great food—and design—doesn’t have to be complicated.

The Requirements

  • Timeless, not trendy design
  • Author to maintain copyright
  • Distribution guidance
  • Editorial support
  • A book large enough to hold all of Mel’s favorites and those of her fans
  • Space for notes

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