Julie’s Eats & Treats Cookbook

Julie Evink dreamed of a cookbook that felt true to her and her brand, Julie’s Eats & Treats, which is known for its easy, no-fuss approach to family-friendly hits.

Add a product that seamlessly fits into an established brand

Weller Smith Design took inspiration from Julie’s logo and website colors to create a cookbook that complements her existing branding and stays true to the same easy-to-follow philosophy that is Julie’s staple. Inside Julie’s Eats & Treats Cookbook, you’ll find full-page color photos, a special “In the Kitchen with Julie” section, and plenty of notes with each recipe to help readers along. There are even QR codes on each page so readers can watch the recipe if they need more help, making Julie’s cookbook a must even for beginners in the kitchen!

The Requirements

  • Design should reflect business’s existing branding
  • Clean, uncrowded pages
  • Easy-to-navigate design
  • Add QR codes to add video and keep readers invested in website
  • Full-page photos, with step-by-step process photos when needed
  • Editorial support
  • Ebook creation

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