Blank Canvas: F*ck It, I’ll Paint!

Sicola Elliott

Have you ever wanted a fresh start in life? Been handed a situation that you didn’t know how to deal with, or felt “stuck”? In her second book (having written her first as a teenager), Sicola Elliott introduces the concept of the blank canvas and how you can make things move in your life when you decide to say, “F*ck It, I’ll Paint!” and start using the tools that have been at your disposal this whole time. When life presents you with a blank canvas or your current picture of life has reached its expiration date, you get to decide what you are going to paint next. No one else should be holding that paintbrush but you — that’s your tool and what you do with it will indeed get you somewhere.

The Requirements

  • Hardcover with Jacket and Paperback
  • Interior Design
  • Set-Up for IngramSpark and Amazon

Inside the Book

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