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Balance is Bullsh•t, Ashley Manzi

Repurposing Content to Create a Book

Ashley Manzi is a mother of two and a divorce attorney in New Jersey. She is also a guest blogger, for a local parenting blog where she talks about the realities of caring for your family while continuing to take care of her family. It is not an easy task to juggle everything from nursing and drop-offs, to being a friend, wife, and mom, all while continuing to show up in court. Ashley came to WSD to help her turn her blog posts into a gift book that was stylish, and fun to read and receive. She keeps it real and does not sugarcoat the hard stuff which is what makes this a great gift book for friends, family, new moms, and working moms.

The Requirements

  • Turn blog posts into a book format
  • Unique and easy to read design
  • Custom print option for a high-quality product
  • Warehousing and fulfillment options needed

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