Building a platform that engages your audience and reflects your genius can be an intimidating process. You already have the idea or the content ready. You know you want to create something that is on brand and high quality, but DIYing it is not the best use of your time. Your audience has been asking for this from you for years and you are finally ready to…create that cookbook, write that book, package your program, and become a published author! Our Platformologie Services will meet you where you are in the publishing process and will provide all of the services that traditional publishers offer, like high-quality editorial assistance, high-end design, printing options for both overseas and domestic options, warehousing, and fulfillment options, and more.

Tell Your Story

We work closely with individuals that are looking for a more traditional publishing experience, but with more creative input and control. WSD will walk you through the entire process, from Strategy and Design to Production and Fulfillment, so that you do not have to figure it out on your own. 

With over 20 years of experience in traditional publishing, and now self-publishing, our expert designers, editors, and printers know how to best serve you to create a high-quality book – let us be your guide!

Client Kudos

“Thank you so much, LeAnna. You have been such a blessing in my life and to this book. It was a sisterhood process, the “Triple L”: Leora, Lisa (the book editor), and LeAnna. Our meetings were fun, full of life, laughs, and frustration, and we just continued to hold space for each other and be transparent with each other, which I think is a really, really, really important part of why the book is what it is, and it has all of our energy, in those pages.”

—Leora Edut, Goddess on the Go

How We Work


Phase one includes the true building blocks of a successful project. We want to hit your milestones to bring the project to completion in a (seemingly) effortless manner. To do this, upfront planning is a must! We will review your vision and goals to strategize the design and production of your signature piece.


Phase two is where the magic happens! Using our signature brand clarity process, we will work with you to determine the look and feel you would like to emulate with your new book. If editorial services are needed, we will clean up your Word Docs with a professional touch. We then use our mad creative skills to turn those Docs and images into a visually stunning signature product! 


In this final phase, we will help you cross the finish line by ensuring your final products have been properly created and are released to the service provider of your choice. Whether you choose custom printing or print-on-demand, we will review proofs and make sure the project is technically complete. Once the files are released, we talk you through the final stages of your project and can also provide insight into sales techniques, warehousing, and fulfillment.