Are you ready to achieve Expert Status? Listen in as I talk with Nour Zibdeh, a Registered Dietitian and Functional Nutritionist on the process she went through to create her first self-published cookbook and she confirms that her books have helped to push her into Expert status, and so could yours!

In this interview, we talk about the challenges she faced with editing, design, and promotion. She also provides great insight into how she made her way through the process and how we came to work together to finish and self-publish her first cookbook, The Detox Way. (Self-published through IngramSpark, link is below.)

That cookbook ended up being the stepping stone to opportunities that she did not even imagine could be within reach!

Her reflections include:

  • If you have the resources, fInd a team to help you (there are always options at different price points, so never count yourself out on this)
  • Pick a specific topic to talk about and make it unique to you (think: picking a specific item or style of cooking for a cookbook, etc)
  • Set time aside to plan (find ways to batch your process, this includes cooking, photos, content, etc.)
  • Enlist family and friends to taste test, review and, of course, share!

We talk about how we came to work together to create her first cookbook, The Detox Way, that was self-published through IngramSpark (links are below)

We also talk about how her second book, The Complete Acid Reflux Diet Plan (link below) came to be as well!

Her journey is inspiring and shows that opportunities lie just outside of your comfort zone. She went from nervous to share her content, to a confident expert who has now been featured on Buzzfeed, ABC News, Fitness Magazine, The Washingtonian, MedHelp, NPR, and more.

If you are in the health industry and are not sure how to expand your reach, or to engage your clients in a new way, definitely take a listen.

If you would like to learn more about Self-Publishing, click the link below to sign up for our upcoming Facebook Live Series, Star Author Status!


You can find Nour:


We mention:

90 Day Year (how we met)

IngramSpark (where she self-published her first book)

You can find her books:

The Detox Way

The Complete Acid Reflux Diet Plan


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