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End-to-end brand design, publishing, and print products for small businesses and entrepreneurs who are ready to uplevel their brands — and amplify their impact.

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Trusted by major worldwide brands

Get completebrand clarity

Show up withconfidence

Attract betterclients, partners & followers

Building an empire is hard.

If you’re a successful

  • author
  • speaker
  • coach
  • consultant
  • or influencer
  • you already know: standing out in today’s wall-to-wall digital marketplace is hard.
So much noise.
So much clutter.
So much fluff.

The secret behind every high-impact, high-revenue thought leader?

7-figure entrepreneurs with 1000s of viewers, followers, and customers, consistently have brands that are:

true to their

(and values)

And if they have lots of intellectual property & content, they also have published books and branded products — to reinforce their brand and expertise.

This is why we exist.

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Hi, I’m LeAnna.

Mom, Design Strategist, and CEO of Weller Smith Design — a boutique New York agency serving industry experts who need to go premium with brand design, book publishing, or standout branded products.

Drawing on 20+ years of experience across corporate & cultural design, traditional print design, and high-end publishing, we’ve provided hundreds of discerning clients with deeply customized brands — and VIP white-glove service.

We are not your one-and-done agency.

I founded my firm in 2002 because I wanted to create a place where powerful, passionate womenpreneurs were seen and heard — a place where brilliant visionaries + creative specialists became strategic partners in driving (unprecedented) revenue…and (unprecedented) impact.

As Seen In

As Seen In

Who We Help.

Our clients fall into one of three categories. Which one is you?

“Help! I’ve outgrown my
(DIY-ed) brand. Big time.”
Amanda Berlin

You are on-fire — and your brand no longer fits. You want to attract bigger brands, bigger partners, and better clients. You need something sharp and professional. You need a brand that reflects your (outstanding) business growth. Whether you just want a straight-up branding uplevel or a combination of branding services across print and digital…

You need



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“I have dreamed of creating my own cookbook for...forever!”
Shivangi Rao

You are a thought leader, business expert, or curated content creator. You’ve built a robust social following and email list. Your community keeps asking you…“When are you going to publish your book/cookbook?” Now, you’re ready to package your expertise and knowledge via a book — to establish your authority…and create a new recurring revenue stream.

You need



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“I’m ready to cement my brand with a physical product.”
Sarah Kay Hoffman

You are a program creator or founder with a proprietary system, methodology, or signature program. You want to stand out in a digital-heavy world with an exclusive custom product that packages your framework — like a planner, workbook, journal, or aspirational card deck — but you don’t even know where to start.

You need



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WSD made the self-publishing process so easy! It felt like I was working with a professional publisher, except I got the final say on all the decisions.”

My favorite part of working with Weller Smith Design is how punctual, organized, and detail-oriented LeAnna is.

Working with LeAnna and the WSD team was absolutely wonderful and I can’t recommend them enough! Their designs are beautiful, their editing is excellent, their organization is outstanding, their communication is prompt and professional, and I always felt like they are on top of everything. If I self-publish more books, I will absolutely use them again.

—Maya Krampf,

Taste Our Work.

It’s better than
oven-fresh cookies.
And not nearly as caloric.

Premium Design for Female Founders

We’re not the right fit for everyone.
Our clients choose us for very specific reasons:

End-to-End Design

Print assets? Digital assets? Product ideation? Our team of skilled specialists ensures you find everything you need — in one partner who gets to know your business inside out.

High Touch Services

With weekly calls and ongoing guidance, our collaborative approach means we get to know you well. Some of our clients have worked with us for 18years (!!) — and we look forward to working with them for years to come.

Measurable Results

Pretty is good — but it doesn’t move the needle. You don’t need another pair of hands that can match colors or spin up trendy websites. Our work is pretty, functional, and strategic — so you can see the results in your Stripe account.

Bespoke Design

No templates. No themes. No lazy shortcuts (like 5 core logo styles that regularly permutate). Every asset we deliver is carefully crafted and 100% customized. You are totally unique — your brand should be too.

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They didn’t just make a website — they created my entire brand”

“Before working with LeAnna and her team, my website was completely amateur. It didn’t have a cohesive feel, there was no customer journey, and it definitely didn’t reflect anything I was actually doing at the time. It had become outdated, and just did not represent who I was as a business owner anymore.

After working with LeAnna, she created not only a website, but an entire brand for me. She made it easy for my customers and clients to understand who I am and what I do. I loved working with LeAnna and her team — and I now I love using the tools she created for me so I can continue to build out my brand.”

— Nicole Culver,

How the Brand Magic Happens

No surprises. No guessing.

Our proven WSD4 System ensures stellar results, every time. While the exact steps depend on the package you need, here’s a general feel for what you can expect:



Through eye-opening discovery sessions, we distill your core: your vision, values, audience, and differentiators — what makes you YOU.



We compile and analyze our findings, using them to build a creative, laser-focused strategy for your brand — or the unique publications and products you need.



Your approval in hand, we get to work, creating the assets to carry out that strategy — your logo, website, book, or product — with regular collaboration and updates throughout.



It’s go time! Your new identity, publication, or product is out there, but it’s not goodbye. We maintain and monitor, update and add based on your needs — so you stay sharp and keep making a difference.

Ladies, amateur hour is over.

For the successful, impactful empire you want, you need a successful, impactful brand.

If you’re ready to

  • Ditch the DIY and the haphazard, all-over-the-place branding that doesn’t resonate
  • Skip the one-and-done agency and the disconnected branding that leaves you (and your audience) feeling misunderstood
  • Work with intentional creative strategists and get exceptional publishing & products that feel like YOU

…then let’s partner to launch the brand you deserve.

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